Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The Cornish lanes have been lovely this Autumn and I have started to learn where I am gong to see the "best" strands of berries garlanding the banks. From Danni's back this group didn't seem too high but when I drove down to Goldsithney to collect yet more cat food from the village shop
they seemed way above our landrover..........and I don't like heights! It is The little things mark our route each day and make it special - for instance I was disappointed when I drove to Penzance, around the bypass, the other day to see the traditional Gypsy caravan with the two coloured Vanners tethered beside it had moved on at last. Every time I had passed i admired the old gentleman sitting beside his camp fire with a wisp of wood smoke stretching upwards, the plump horses going about their business of mowing the verge totally oblivious to the traffic speeding past, sheltered by the trees.It was the familiar sight of picture books but surely not real life. But now they are gone, moving on with the old horses leaning into their harness to find new grazing and closing my window into another world. Until the next one opens of course.