Sunday, 13 November 2011

At the risk of being boring

At the risk of being boring another Spud update the charming feline whirlwind that has come into our life - I think he considers his days work done if he has managed to pile all of the rugs into a heap and he sits triumphantly on top of them to watch points. His tail is healing well now although it will be some time until the hair grows back, he is relatively unscathed by his search for a home.

And how is the countryside just now? My rides on Danni are now along country lanes bordered by banks clothed with bracken fading from green to golden to a dramatic rusty red, laced still with red berries and the leaves still linger on the trees in places. We went through the lanes to St Erth the other day and saw the new fresh green shoots of the winter wheat coming through with several Buzzards on the ground searching for grubs.

With the return of the Landrover i set off to reclaim my newly washed and mended horse rugs, turning nervously with great decorum this time! As I paid the bill the lady said she hadn't liked to tell me but if i went straight on I would be back on the road! Ah Cornish lanes they all go to the same place!

With an extra hungry cat, I was pleased to get notification of a special offer on cat food at the local Garden centre and got them two bags of their favourite Hill's Science diet with one third off. Of course I had to linger as the Christmas music played with that temporary lapse of taste that occurs at this time of the year and my attention swung between tweedy robins and sparkling baubles before settling on some witty mini watering can Christmas tree ornaments but i settled for a bag of White tulips as planned and have just planted them. I put them inside of the gate to the lane, in the formal planting of box balls and topiary bay trees that I started in the spring- the pack said they should flower by April so do look them out if you come on holiday then.