Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The office assistant

The mouse mat at work

Well Spud has settled in well and after his dizzying day hurtling round the garden and stables he settled down to is new role as "Office Assistant" one small pink paw gently resting on my hand as I manoeuvred the mouse and as you can see he has an alternative use for a mouse mat!

I bought the desk many years ago from David Lays sales and Spud thinks it is quite comfortable for antique(ish!) pine. I used to go regularly but always left my bids and walked away and bought everything from garden urns to shabby chic mirrors often spending the winter restoring my finds or giving them a paint finish but at the moment the house is full - just room for one small Tom cat called Spud.

P.S. I checked the site when i put the link in and check out those gorgeous perfume bottles!