Friday, 11 November 2011

A weather miss

The sun glistened on the granite sets after the rain

Well we have been so lucky this week with the weather man's miss and Cornwall wriggled her toes out of the rain and we've had some unexpectedly warm days and so i again spent a lovely morning recording what is going on in the garden - with Spud in hot pursuit and Olley keeping a rather more dignified watch. So now - What is still working for us and what has given up the ghost? I should add the Astelias to the good plant list their lovely silver foliage reflecting the light and dramatic shape holding my attention but alas I wasn't good enough to get a reasonable photo of them so you will have to believe me

Olley of course soaking up the Autumn sunshine

The Mahonia is just about to flower, the bright yellow dancing against the glossy green leaves

The path that leads toward the house from the car park - i placed a Greek urn as a first focal point to lead our guest in towards the house

The promise of another year - the Iris bulbs starting to shoot under the Olive trees in this little hidden corner behind the Italian Garden

as the fig trees fade away now dropping their leaves in preparation for their winter sleep

The contrasting shapes of the foliage is always interesting but

a blue sky is always perfect to me!

A wild corner of the garden the Maize in the fields across the road is looking definitely crispy these days

back to the garden and one of the Agaves with sharp contrasting shadows

each plant still holds it secrets to its heart, with flowers and leaves developing if you look closely

The self seeded Echiums are still surprising me, springing up all over the garden

The quiet corners

the long vistas

the intriguing seat just glimpsed

the path that leads away ( and the hidden cat)

The newly strimmed long grass i have yet to rake up (black mark to me!)

and a very small tree fern.............Well we are all waiting for the season, enjoying the Autumn thinking of the spring