Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A delicate dew

Looking back from inside of the Italian Garden at Ednovean Farm

There was a fabulous dew over the grass this morning and I had no trouble remembering whether I had remembered to switch the water off to the horses trough as I could clearly see my footsteps across the lawn. Last night i crept into the Italian garden as the sun set in a cloudless, clear sky, to cover up a couple of our succulents from the frost that was forming in my imagination and i was immediately struck by the romance of the enclosures, shadowy compartments sinking into the night in that timeless fashion of formal gardens - or half formal as ours stays decidedly wild in places!

The raised viewing mound that gives a surprising view over Mounts Bay beyond the tops of the hedges.

Last nights clear sky from our courtyard looking across to the lights of Penzance

This morning all that remained was a fabulous dew frommy perceived threat and in the early light Spud and I set off to collect the reduntant covers from the plants

with the sun starting to slant across the lawn - no the lawn doesn't slope i've tilted the camera again - I think my left arm must be stronger that my right - maybe it will be thought of as a trendy Pic!

April and her colt foal Bodkin

and the Brood mares enjoying their breakfast of Oats and Hayledge above the village as another day starts at Ednovean Farm