Sunday, 30 October 2011

An Autumn round up of the garden

The autumn sunset from Ednovean farm garden

Well the Autumn is here and I thought it time to take a last look around the garden in the zenith of its year. The Pampass reign now if a final dramatic flourish with spectacular, if deeply unfashionable, tossing plumes. The birds will shelter in their depths in the weeks to come and build their nest again in the spring deep within the sheltering fronds. Our Cordylines form a repeating pattern throughout the garden and welcome wind breaks for the winter months but for now they toss discarded fronds across the lawn after each stirring of wind but I still like them!

I have a new batch of tiny palm trees, that I potted on this morning, ready to complement the benches beside the serpentine walls but I think I'll wait until the spring when the rabbits are less hungry to plant them out. We've already planted out a couple of new nets of daffodils in that part of the garden - I hope they make it until the spring and don't become fodder for the badgers!

Olley is looking pensive here, because of his new apprentice mouser perhaps? As an experiment I have put a link to my facebook October Garden album in Ollie's picture - just click Ollie to view and then use the back button on your brouser to return.

The structure of the formal parterre in the courtyard will become more important as the months draw in, the box and the topiary should hold its shape for the winter

The steps up the side of the courtyard

We have developed the garden a little at a time adding each piece of the jigsaw carefully- the reclaimed granite slabs that line the Parterre and form the steps came from Prince William yard in Plymouth - redundant when they redeveloped the area but anchoring Ian Lowes our garden designer's design. and now a few snaps around the garden that I took this week with a feline escort you'll see! For more photos click here for my facebook October album