Friday, 14 October 2011

Pampass and Facebook

I must admit I've been a bit tardy keeping up the Ednovean farm blog lately the combination of a back log of odd jobs and a sudden heatwave meant.........we took a picnic to the beach and it was lovely. We swam in the sea on the 2nd of October although I must admit it took me some time to pursued myself that cold water was OK and not life threatening. The weather then swung moodily and even the garden was engulfed by the threatening roar of the sea from the beach below the village. The garden however has loved the autumn rising into a crescendo of waving (and deeply unfashionable) Pampass seeds, wildly dramatic they lifted the garden into its last waltz of the season.

Olly-Cat Esq still pads the courtyards growing plumper by the day and looking dubiously at the early morning dew on the lawn "so wet for my paws" He manages to supervise the car park though checking the guests in and out and sometimes accompanying them around the garden a small solicitous orange figure discreetly trotting along or occasionally engaging in a little "gardening" We did hear one lady instructing her husband "not to embarrass the cat" as Olly deftly patted the leave mold under the hedge

A view back into the courtyard in front of the house - I love the jungly effect at the moment although I must admit I didn't realise that the Date palms would grow quite so tall! Still the late evening sun on the gate gives you an idea of this balmy season I think?

The terrace in front of the Garden room has a more relaxed look now framed by the Pampass grasses and with the Geraniums still doing well - the lawn is doing rather too well and Charles has had to step up his adventures with the lawnmower but at least the horses are happy with the lush grass of Autumn although they still form an orderly line at the bottom of the garden morning and evening for their daily Oat supply

The fountain plays on in the courtyard at Ednovean Farm, come and visit us soon an Autumn Break, like our little trip to the beach is just the thing to set you up for the winter and before I go I must remember to remind you to visit our face book page (scroll to the bottom of our web site page and then click the brown "find us on facebook") You will land on the welcome page featuring Olly naturally - anyway click the wall and you should see all of the latest information about this area. I try to put local events there as they publish them to facebook, so take a look!