Saturday, 29 October 2011

Without the car

Our Dining table with my foraged flowers from the garden

Well it is the third carless week here at Ednovean Farm - granted reversing into a granite post whilst collecting the newly repaired horse rugs was not my finest hour and as an old girl, our landrover likes to take her time over her annual MOT. But I would be grateful if she would come home soon. Still Mr Tescos has kept us supplied and kind friends have ferried in emergency supplies of Yeo Valley organic Yogurt ready for Breakfast but yesterday an unexpected vegetarian demand left us short of Tomatoes and so I fearlessly set off up the public footpath at the back of the farm to the local Farm shop just across the A394 and all of four fields away to return with gorgeous English tomatoes that really smelt like well tomatoes and a tasty locally home made cake .....for going you understand! Unfortunately nobody wanted tomatoes the next day but i can report they tasted just like real tomatoes should! The cake was good too!

I had to resort to picking things from the garden to decorate the house as that is something Tescos don't deliver, I must admit that I am a bit of a wimp about tackling the secateurs but i don't think the result was too bad..............maybe the car will be back soon!