Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Oliver Taylor

Ollie Cat

The calm after the storm this morning and Ollie-Cat positively glowed in the morning sunshine looking angelic with the sun shining through his whiskers. He spent yesterday supervising a hay bale under the shelter of the barn before curling up by the Rayburn for the night but this morning, like our guests he is obviously planning a stroll around the garden - well if he doesn't nod off by the time he gets to the stables.

Angelic he is not though - we have a stray cat here again this time a beautiful white (chap I think) one in turn ravenously hungry and terminally shy so if any one hears of a missing white cat in West Penwith do give us a call. He could have walked from Perranuthnoe, Goldsithney Trebahvah, Rosudgeon or Marazion all very near to us as the tom cat wanders! In the mean time Ollie is apoplectic strutting around yowling and growling until he is shut in. After a week or so a sort of truce has developed but it is a shame if the cat is lost and needs a little help to find his home - he is wearing a very tight flea collar by the way