Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Blacksmith calls

Our Blacksmith Nigel Stevens called yesterday, as he does every six weeks, to fit new shoes for our Spanish Stallion Danilon. The ancient art practised as it has been for centuries played out in the little stable yard beside the Ednovean Farm car park the ringing of the metal hammer on the anvil the roar of the furnace as it heats the shoes and the hiss as the hot shoes are applied to the foot to check the fit. Only when everything is perfect are they carefully nail on using the special horse shoe nails at exactly the right angle for them to be comfortable for Danni. As you can see it is a relaxed affair Danni is the horse asleep in the middle, Charles is asleep on a box holding the horse (but I think the horse is holding him actually) and Nigel taking the shoe back for some more adjustments at his anvil. If you look closely at the stable door behind you will see Danni's wiflet April and their son Bodkin closely watching the proceedings.

Bodkin the colt foal by Danilon

Do you remember Bodkin when he was born this spring - well he has grown into a fine young colt - we brought him in yesterday to have his feet trimmed so he starts to understand about his life and his feet stay in good shape too.

Danilon practising

I took advantage of the empty car park in the morning to do some work with Danni to keep him supple here he is stretching his back leg to cross it in front of the other one - a bit like horsey yoga!

Here he is moving sideways at ninety degrees following me across the car park

Danilon beginning Spanish walk ( it may take a while)

and finally his new "trick" raising his front leg in an exaggerated fashion when i point at it with the whip eventually he will learn an elegant Spanish walk which will help to free his shoulders but at the moment he can only manage three steps - never mind from tiny acorns!