Monday, 27 August 2012

That was the week.....

The view over the garden towards Perranuthnoe
 from the Blue room terrace

For the first time this week my thoughts started to turn towards autumn, i don't know why, perhaps a certain slant of the light or watching Danni nibbling the blackberry flowers from the hedgerow on one of his daily grazing forays along the lane. Certainly the days have been warm, almost tropically humid and we have paid the price for our indolent Olympics watching as we tried to catch up with the garden Charles finally conquered the last lawn by Friday and i met the guest slightly spattered form the strimmer I was still clasping along with a face mask and can of petrol but the garden looked good for the Bank holiday weekend. Gloomily watching the weather forecast though i worked out the grass would have probably regrown by the time the guests managed to go to see it. But surprisingly mainly it was kinder that expected.

 My first photos were taken from the Blue room terrace looking out across the garden:-

From the Blue room terrace - we had the uprights made
at a yacht chandlers as i wanted something simple to
define the space without detracting from the view

The view over the lawn towards the Italian garden with the distant hills
that separate us from St Ives beyond

St Micheal's Mount and Mounts Bay of course that is penzance behind the
Mount and Newlyn to the left of the picture

The edge of the Garden terrace - alas the Italian Garden hedges are ready for
another trim!

A net row of white Geraniums screen the table and chairs outside of the
garden room

The Agapanthus have finally faded in places perhaps that is what is making me think of autumn - of those walks along the cliff from here or spuddling along the tide line of an empty beach

Saturday morning in a much photographed courtyard corner

The Bank holiday came for us with a trip to the supermarket for me because it is hard to know peoples favourite foods until they come but Spud trotted out to meet me when I came home tail bristling with pride

Spud trotting out to meet me from my shopping trip

Danni and Rodger had a visit from the horse dentist essential if the sharp edges on their teeth are not going to interfere with feeding but open wide doesn't come into it!

So what seems to be the problem? Charles was acting as "nurse"

Danni our stallion with Stephen Williams EqDT

We ate super outside on Saturday evening and I took a few snaps of my latest favourite planters to finish our week and then I added the latest DVD Battleship to our DVD collection and we just "had" to watch it first - good escapist stuff with witty references to Nelson "Straight at em" (even if they are aliens) and comfortingly all the right people come up trumps in the end! So that was our week at Ednovean farm!

I love the chocolate cosmo that i slipped into my shopping at the
corn merchant

I found a paket of seeds that a guest had sent a couple of years ago
and I had put them safly away for the winter - so safely I only found
them again this year!

These lovely poppies were grown from seeds kindly sent by a guest - aren't
they gorgeous?!

I salvaged a broken galvanised water tank to use as a planter in a sunny spot
the round feed bowl (vintage '70's!) is waiting to be planted up still