Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watching the beach at Marazion

The sunset is creeping further over now towards
 St Micheal's Mount (View from or garden)

A sunset from our garden

We gave ourselves an early evening visit to Marazion the other evening and sat on the sea wall eating Fish and Chips watching an elegant gig sitting in the sand as children made sand castles around it. Slowly slowly the sea crept closer until the children's shoes floated on the soft gentle waves and the boat lifted into the water, only then did the Gig crews suddenly appear as if by magic to claim their boat and after an entreatingly few moments of boat watching they swiftly puled away towards St Michael's Mount.

The elevant Gig hihgh on the sands

Slowly the sea crept closer
Finally she lifted clear of the beach as the first waves lapped at her hull
Early evening but still the bathers bathed or was it braved!

We watched a yacht slide into the harbour at the foot of the Mount

The huddle of buildings around the harbour below
St Micheal's Mount

A fisherman's friend a determined dog!

Finally the gig crews came out to claim their boats

They sped easily out across the bay