Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A cat with a view

Spud Cat enjoying his snooze in a window

Spud cat has promoted himself to a Captains chair that sits in one of the barns upstairs windows and I couldn't resist trying to capture him with the Mount in the background - I'm sorry it is a bit dark so maybe I will have to read the camera instructions again rather than setting to Auto!!

Olly has still left a big hole in our lives and his sunny bench is strangely empty in the evenings but Spud is trying hard to "own" the house and little by little making it his own - sprinting across the lawns today to shin up the palm trees or lounging in the shade as the lawn mower went passed. The garden? well the Olympics have taken their toll I'm afraid and three days watching dressage and show jumping when I should have been weeding have exerted their price so back to work for me in the borders this week!

My white agapanthus have flowered at last

The exit from the gravel terrace in front of the
garden room

The skies cleared on Sunday beyond the garden to give
us a realy hot day not forcasst at all!

Looking down to the village of Perranuthnoe form our garden this weekend
doesn't that sea look like silk

The shipping lanes on the far horizon beyond our
sheltering Palms

One of the many tables and chairs that I have tucked away around the

Archie one of Danilons sons now aged three

Charles working with Rodger a nice young four year old - as you can
see it was quite windy that day! Rodger will be looking for a brilliant
home soon