Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In honour of Agapanthus

August is here and it is time to honour the Agapanthus that have stolen
across the garden to fill the gravel terrace in front of the garden room.

Large blousey pom poms of bright blue colour they never fail to please me
in the mornings

Each year they march further afield

tucking themselves around the pots of Geraniums

I'd swear they had grown bigger this year as they had matured

In case of rain i retreat to the Garden room and one of the cosy wicker

and if thinking bright think very bright in this case our Crocosmia Lucifer
and those lively "Annuals" that have lived on from last year

Looking out across the lawn towards the Italian Garden with the far reach
of hills in the background that separates us from St Ives

A last look back towards the courtyard

and that wicker chair is just for me tucked amongst the Agapanthus
for a sleepy afternoon ( I wish!!)