Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The pump this morning at Ednovean Farm

The enigmatic shadow cast on the courtyard wall by the old pump

The old pump has always stood in our courtyard for as long as I have been here - not long in Cornish terms of course - since 1978 in fact when my father bought the farm at auction. The farm, stripped of fences and gates, just the bare building and the bare soil and the pump tucked in a mouldering corner of stinging nettles.

Made by Holman's of Penzance it presides over one of the big water tanks in the Courtyard that were rumoured to have been blown out of the farmyard with explosives "at the end of the last century" I suppose the century has changed again now so lets say a long time ago. I used the water for the horses for many years here, scorning the slowness of taps when a bucket suspended on a rope and dipped into the depths was instantly filled with sweet fresh water. The pump I should ad doesn't work - it is thought that a chain bearing buckets should follow the smooth curved disk at its centre - perhaps someone reading this will know something of the workings of old pumps??

Holmans & Sons Penzance

Mounts bay and St Micheal's Mount just beyond the pump that has not travelled far from the forge of Holman's (Now Penzance Dry Dock)

The pump stands at the side of a small courtyard now, filled with palms and catching the first warmth of the spring sunshine today. Sometimes our house guests like to breakfast there in the morning before setting off to walk along the coastal footpath to Marazion to west or Cuden Point to the east. But as you can see we have all year round diners enjoying the daily bird fest. Strangely looking out of our Dining room window there are still berries on the holly this morning so perhaps birds along the the rest of the population have succumbed to convenience foods!

The ideal spot for a bird feeder just under the kitchen window

One of the winter Courtyards this morning touched by the sunshine

The lovely tracery of light bring the garden to life again