Saturday, 14 February 2009

So who Is Wilbur?!

A tabby cat sitting on one of our stone benches- this area was designed by Ian Lowe as a viewing area for our Courtyard garden

So who is Wilbur? Cousin of a million cats in Cornwall, I'm sure and manifest in several forms at the Stray Cat Cafe (See previous post) It has slowly dawned on me with the steady, well relentless really, consumption of Hill's Science Diet that there may be more than one Wilbur. Yesterdays Wilbur had a white spot on his chest but today's Wilbur, ah hum, has none

Perhaps some one locally could recognise Wilbur the secretive, willey, tabby tom that can fade instantly into the bushes. Perhaps he is the survivor of a litter dumped in the countryside or the product of a feral queen who know.

He's wintered well this year, as you can see, Charles described him as looking like a tea cosy, nearly sperical but still remains nearly as elusive as a mountain lion to spot about the gardens at Ednovean farm. I'm sure he's happy in his chosen isolation and he's welcome to as many garden rabbits as he can find............Wilbur one and two.

The only person that could know for sure how many Wilburs there are, is the ever watchful Olley patrolling the Parterre at dusk!
The puzzle of Ednovean Farm!
p.s Charles was hoping to photograph the sunset last night but got side tracked!