Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The thaw

The entrance path from the car park with the lovely old granite sets caught in the low light

Yesterday the thaw arrived here in West Cornwall and with it the postman, who had been confined by 'elf'nsafety to his depot along with the other post men for the last week. Still we were lucky at this end of Cornwall for as the snow receded here, it was falling thick and fast further up the county, bringing chaos to the roads.

Today we woke to the welcome return of the sounds of the sea and with it a balmy 9 degrees reminding us of the promise of spring. The brood mares were able to make there way along the lane once more to join their friends and formed an orderly formation across the front field grazing on the luxury of green grass newly exposed.

I took this snap of the parterre courtyard in front of the house, newly emerged from its white blanket, before setting of to see if we still had a garden this afternoon.

A survivor!! Agave Americana that I left uncovered and slightly battered it has survived quite well

Olley's seat overlooking the Parterre of course - Olley was snoring underneath the Dining room table though.

The lawn is back looking back towards the house

The view to the Italian garden that I snapped the other day covered in snow

Bulbs emerging

I shouldn't have taken this really as it was into the light but I think the effect is interesting behind Perranuthnoe late this afternoon

One of my objects or things that I tend to place about the garden.