Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hearts and Velentines

With Valentines day fast approaching we still have the Apricot room available for the weekend here at Ednovean Farm shhhhhhhhhhh!!

I found the sweet little heart to decorate my stairs at Perran Crafts - a place I always manage to while away the odd half of an hour when walking down to the beach - I love little details to add to my home.............of course it is getting a bit full..................!

Speaking of details i happened upon a small observation of life in the aisle of Tescos the other day - as i rounded the corner of the aisle with my merry trolley i heard one lady say to the other "i had him on weight watchers and he lost a lot of weigh but now hes put it all back on , what with the winter. He just lays around and doesn't do anything" "i know " said the second lady, "Mines the same , he wont go outside" Visions of sloth like Husbands started to fill my mind when the first lady sighed and said " and now he's limping - its the weight - he jumped down off of the fence and hurt his paw" Eureka! not a husband at all they were discussing their cats phew..................mind you Olley is now very well upholstered too.

And lastly a restaurant recommendation from one of my guest this weekend - they tried Ben's Cornish Cafe and had a super meal and a seriously good pudding. And that is all of my small details of life for today