Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mist over the marshes

I stopped on the way back from my supermarket shop to admire the misty half seen landscape of Marazion marshes where the dusky browns and golds are in perfect tune with the season of mysteries that is waiting for spring. Mr Swan (or could have been Mrs) was engaged in a full and comprehensive spring clean as is appropriate for the season and after a few minutes i gave up waiting to see the whole bird and moved across the road to the beach. Those feathers should be perfect!

Always enchanting, the half seen very nearly concealed Mounts bay with barely a ripple in the water, occasional couples striding along the waters edge.

Marazion was barely emerging from the mist with the tiny dot like figures of couples on the sands (lick the photo to enlarge) all contained in a curious calm, just the ripple of the waves touching the silence.

and Penzance had faded away almost to another century such was the magic of the mist.