Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A trick of the light

Danilon our Spanish Stallion

The camera played a strange trick of the light on me the other evening or if I'm honest I forgot to change the settings after an abortive attempt to photograph the sunset. Somehow I think the result is rather magical though - ethereal - or you might just think it is a rather bad photo. Danni of course was focused on some nice juicy lead ropes just out of reach and quite delicious to chew - much more interesting than posing for his photo!

The penny dropped and i changed the setting just in time to fit nearly all of him into the shot but I think you can see from my previous attempt that he wasn't interested in keeping too still but he does look as though he is thinking deep inner thoughts at least.

Our days are filled with the routine of caring for the horses in the short daylight hours of winter and it is oh so mild now - alas the horse line up each night anyway secure in their routine and harbouring plans to slumber in a deep straw bed for the night, so any plans i might hold to turf them out to sleep outside are not appreciated. Ah well at least we keep fit! and my last photo is of Danni's son "little" Bodkin now nearly the same size as his mother, April and her pride and joy - he makes sure he has more that his fair share of her oats from her bowl - so no sunset but a visit to the stables instead today