Monday, 23 January 2012

A quick glimse at the garden

Date palms beyond a shady courtyard

A wider view

Early morning shadows

Twitters with a Loquat

Perranuthnoe church framed by the Date Palms

Faded Sedums and a Yockoides(sp!!)

The grass really is this green at the moment

Spud on his morning patrol

Spud has success in the faded grasses

The sea was impossibly blue this morning

My prize flower for this morning!!

I looked up this morning into a perfectly blue sky and two sea gulls flew over their wings casting shadows over their bodies as I led Dolly out for her daily grazing session. She has grown into quite a young lady - officially four - a sleek black thoroughbred filly ready for life. Later still as i dropped down through the courtyard to empty the  wheelbarrow ( i take Danni's offerings and soiled Miscnathus bedding out to rot at the back of the borders ready to become mulch for the summer) my eye was caught by the growing height and depth of the garden - how the vegetation in the spaces beyond are starting to add to each other in a flowing tapestry. I must admit i had not thought of this but of course Ian Lowe our garden designer planned the maturity of the spaces form his experience. And so I took some more snaps for you the church framed by the date palms from the viewing point in the courtyard, Spud stalking a mouse across the front of the Italian Garden and lastly my out of season Yuckoides - I'm not sure how to spell it but isn't it stunning!