Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blue skies and rain clouds

Ednovean Farm

Our days are filled with blue skies and rain clouds, with the days of scorched crispy grass finally succumbing to the thundery showers that pulse across the bay. The horses are pleased in their own way, probably not quite knowing what had stopped their grass from growing but in a day or so they will be pleased witht he fresh new shoots of grass that should come after the showers.

Looking across the lawn yesterday evening

Spud has an instinct for the moment that the weather might change and claims the perfect snoozing corner, well before a single rain drop has fallen - ah such is the life of a cat!

Spuds special position

We have some new arrivals on the farm as the summer goes on - a family of fox cubs gamboling in the lane and starting to explore the countryside. Spud was outraged to fnd one in his garden the other evening and as we sat beside the lawn, we heard a small scuffle behind us followed by a young cub moving smartly out of the courtyard towards us. The little panicked creature saw us and tried to turn back but decided that "discretion was the better part of valour" and faced us instead, scurrying across the pots and plants that rippled like a wake behind him, hotly pursued by Spud with every hair of his coat standing on end and his tail at maximum distention. sigh........ I fear we will never be able to have a dog while Spud is in charge!

Date palms and Aloes int he lower border

The teasels have grown larger and more dramatic

A new use for and old packing box left in the bin by a departing guest

Crocosmia Lucifer is at its zenith at the moment

Flashes of red leading on to the lawn

Pots in the evening sunshine