Sunday, 3 August 2014

Into August after the rain and important blog news

Figs starting to plump in the courtyards

Firstly important news about the blog!! it is on the move to our shhh!!! soon to be revealed new web site. The old blog was attached to the site via a broken link - whatever that is - and as our new site is in wordpress, I'll be able to blog directly to the site. So the blogger blog will become a wordpress blog probably by the next week - if you would still like to follow us you can visit the our B&B web site in the same way as usual and then you may need to refollow on wordpress.
I'd really love to see you there!

back to garden and of course right on cue it rained and rained for the first day in august - I can't pretend we didn't need the rain but I think I'd got used to the Mediterranean lifestyle of sunshine and living outside. I took a few snaps around the courtyard that evening of the newly washed and refreshed foliage. Spud Cat kept a vigil in the barn though!

Spud Cat waiting for the weather

Sleeping soundly

White Hydrangeas and a garden bench set against a gently distressed wall

Vibrant Lillies that spread their rich scent about the

The lush foliage after the storm

Cheery Geraniums - red is good whatever the weather!

And so that is my set of snaps and don't forget before I leave you to check back in via the website for the new fresh blog

Good by to July and hello to August see you soon!