Saturday, 30 August 2014

A vist to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens part two

Glorious exotic planting on arid terraces

Following our journey through the gardens in pictures this week such a selection of rare plants where to look first!

The splendid jungle hut that made adults into small children hanging
over the railings to watch the struggles of the advancing hoards
probably us!

The winding paths that had mentored our progress grew more
demanding now

Huge grasses mingled with phormiums

The next vantage point to explore

Cacti and Succulents

Perhaps the combination of modern and tradition buildings....

Unbelievably there was a whole avenue of Butea Capitata

my love affair with Agaves continues!

A garden beyond my imagination!

Every adult became an excited child for the day

and down again to the jungle floor

Grasses and Bananas

A heard a visitor remark "the camera obscura" for a moment I thought
he meant I was in the way!

A sharply drained terrace

We could only collapse on a bench after the final climb to see the sculpture
featured on BBC2 Gardeners World!

I hope you have enjoyed your virtual visit ot this  exciting new garden that has opened near Penzance - for more info check out their web site Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

What an adventure!! We loved it!