Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August at Ednovean Farm

The little field with newly harvested bales caught my eye from our kitchen
window at Ednovean Farm this week

August remains a glorious contradiction, teasing us with  sharp downpours swiftly followed by bright hot sunshine to  as the tail end of the hurricane from half the world away disrupts our weather for a brief time.

These August days at Ednovean I can hear  the stronger cheeping of newly hatched young birds coming from under our eaves again this week and yet the blackberries are turning to a glossy black in the hedgerows and the honeysuckle is spreading seductively along the roadsides. Charles has mounted his nightly fig patrol in an effort to gather the ripening figs from the trees that line our courtyard garden before the equally eager birds snaffle the prized fruits. Spud occasionally mounts a guard but being a cat he is prone to dozing off at odd moments and he far prefers to stalk the young rabbits out in the fields.

Spud mounting a guard (or so he pretends) on
the ripening figs that line the courtyard garden

Fictus brown Turkey

Palms and box in pleasant green harmony

A Date palm framing a view across our parterre to the
Apricot Room

The five minute Spud-Cat patrol - well it is nearly tea time

So just a few snaps from our courtyard garden the other evening to share and don't forget I'll be only blogging on the new web site very soon so do keep in touch and find my new blog home attached to our website under the tab marked blog