Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Good Morning Mr Fox

The sea is so still like a mirror in Mounts Bay that the houses of Penzance form
a reflection in the water - that is the end of St Micheal's Mount's
harbour on the left

It's a fabulous balmy day here in West Penwith after a few challenging day and i was able to take the broodmares rugs off before cooking our guests breakfast, as they chased their morning Oats around their bowls before settling down to groom each other in all of those hard to reach places - that is the horses not the guests!. Walking back along our little lane still laces with brilliant blue bells I notice the local Rabbits sitting up like meerkats and sure enough the old fox who is around most days now was walking along the footpath!


The Irises in our entrance that have replaced the Tulips
I've also added some white Foxgloves - one a surprise
present from a departing guest - Thank you!!

I bought this one from Cornwall Farmers and it has done rather better
than the expensive garden centre ones!

Progress of our Echium (Panina) dwarfing our house now!

Ah gardens should intrigue and reveal but slowly slowly!

A last snap as I sipped a glass of wine on one of our Terraces in
yesterday evenings sunshine