Sunday, 20 May 2012

A May evening

I've started to plant up the courtyard pots at last
The 10 tons of gravel delivered this week has definitely
improved the car park!

It is a fabulous evening this evening, delightful relaxing and with a blackbird singing the evening towards us. Sparrows have nested under the corner of the house this year and the returning House Martins are giving serious consideration to nesting in the Garden room although not prone to making a rash decision. Meanwhile, Ollie and Spud have the answer to the daily life and simply select a sun warmed snoozing spot to observe the day from - on Friday i laboured over ten tons of gravel fro the car park and I think the results are worth it as Ollie dutifully stood to, peering knowledgeably at my endeavours, a cat of many seasons.

Ollie luxuriating in the sunshine this evening

The Irises I have waited so long to flower have finally
burst in the stable yard/car park

Spud enjoying one of the raised beds

The ferns are uncurling now with fresh new leaves

Last nights sunset over the garden - should be a good one tonight too

The Acanthus is about to flower and so we continue
towards summer!

self seeded ferns in a shady corner