Sunday, 6 May 2012


St Micheal's Mount from our terrace this morning
my our echium is growing now!

May a curious word, for a curious month, a sort of undecided destination, as we approach summer... all-be-it by a cirtuitious route! My spare minutes are more taken by the garden now that the computer as i primp the borders and gather the debris that flies past each time the wind gets up. The Daffodils that i waited for so eagerly for in the Spring linger on, disconsolate tired guests to a party long over but with nowhere to go as yet, and I glower at their fading foliage each time I pass them. Still around the garden  things are stirring and the country lanes are alive with Blue Bells ready for Helston Flora day no doubt. Farmers markets are springing up now and Godolphin House is open this week so busy busy busy in Cornwall. Hope you all had a brilliant bank Holiday and more from the garden very soon!

Danni is progressing with his daily light exercise - we've borrowed some
Boots for him from a friend to help his poor feet!