Monday, 14 May 2012

Scattering Rabbits in the May Garden

The vintage West Country apples in our little orchard have burst into bloom

The May Garden has left less time for blog writing this year as i have spent every spare moment scattering Rabbits and gloomily looking at the borders. Little by little I think I have installed some order and I have finally finished my first circuit of the "main" garden with just the shelter belt and the long gravel border yet to tackle. Spud and Ollie have kept me company most of the time as i preened the Phormiium and Pampass grasses of the debris of winter finally releasing their natural movement from the decaying leaves.

The steps that line the side of the main courtyard

The french lavender was a surprise survivor of the winter

Ollie enjoying the afternoon sun

Our "How do you do" little garden between the car park and the house
The English lavender is nearly ready to flower

Our humble Sycamore tree has it's own shady agenda

Ollie Cat sitting by the entrance gate

Spud enjoying the evening sunshine tucked in a Rosemary bush

Our old gentleman Ollie

Out into the main garden

The garden was waiting for me

Some granite left over from building the
 parterre wall made a lovely rustic

A step up leading to the sundial garden

I was quite pleased with the twirly whirly box last year -
can i repeat that success!

The house from the car park

The echium is getting bigger and just starting to flower
Sunday was the most magical day with a mirror like
sea in Mounts Bay and not a cloud in the sky

Magic and Bodkin wrestling - the best caption i read for this one on facebook
was "bottoms up" maybe you have one too?!

and not a single picture of my main venture but that was my week - don't forget to check out our
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