Sunday, 27 May 2012

May days and winning shadows

My favourite Irises are still in bloom

The heat haze over Mounts Bay gave an otherworldly
look to this passing yatch

Penzance and Newlyn with the old and the new in the bay

Three shots of St Micheal's Mount, taken from our terrace only a few moments apart but look how the sky changes

A swallow sweeping in through the garden gate back to his
nest in the garden room

a moment later and the cloud descends

and moodily clear again
the sun starting to climb over the garden

the parterre is bright with new growth at the moment

Our Ollie Cat that welcomes guest to our web site is an old gentleman now

It won't be long until the lavender flowers

and finally Ollie above the Parterre again warming himself on the old granite
look closely and you will see St Micheal's Mount beyond the garden

A short blog from our weekend when we had an unexpected thunder storm overnight and the morning dawned in misty clouds but the sun quickly won shadows from the day and we continued into Summer - exciting news as well as the Sparrows and Starlings that have broods under the eaves a Swallow has set up home in a disused nest on top of the fuse box in the garden room. He brightens the day as he swoops elegantly back through the gateway - a perfect ambassador of Summer.

Thank yo for all for your comments i love to read them and wishing everybody a wonderful week