Thursday, 24 May 2012

Roses and seashells

The Parterre fresh with new growth

"Roses and sea shells" a departing guest remarked this morning - they were the little things that they had liked about their stay in our Blue room - it would make a good title for a book really but "never would have the time!"
Still - the garden wrestling is going quite well now, with the main lawn and encircling beds completed and the majority of the terracotta pots planted up and so, on the strength of it, I've moved on into the shelter belt and"could be some time" as they say!
It was good to read Mrs.G.H.'s lovely update of her gardening plans but alas Monkey puzzle trees don't do too well in this part of Cornwall so I'll just have to covet Pat's!!

The roads are still surprisingly quite here in West Cornwall but I would still advise you to book your accommodation in advance - I resorted to driving two exhausted walkers, who had walked all of the way from the Lizard to us hoping to spend the night, on to the next Bed and Breakfast, because we were full that night.

Wonderful sunny week here and the first ct of hay is down ready for turning and I'm trying to follow Chelsea flower show - difficult as it is just too lovely to stay indoors on these evenings!

A wild foxglove that has move in near the Bamboo

and lastly a happy little chap enjoying the afternoon sun in our garden room bliss is snooze shaped obviously!

Spud our "gift from the hedgerow" enjoying his afternoon nap

My paws and whiskers

ooh didn't realise you were there

but soooo happy - love Spudxxx @Ednovean Farm!