Sunday, 13 April 2014

Butterflies and Spring cleaning

The Blue room at Ednovean Farm

As the days grow warmer and I spend more and more time looking in odd corners with vacuums, dusters and soft brushes I seem to disturb more and more Butterflies. And so i carefully gather them up and put them out to fly away free into the spring of 2014

and as I start to fossett in corners, things tweak at my memory  - the crocheted blankets and cushions I keep spotting in magazines i know i had one of those......and I peered in blanket boxes and cupboards lofts and corners and then one day just as i had given up it turned up again tucked inside one of the dining room chair covers. And so now my cancer shop find is taking pride of place in the hall once more on a by now vintage Laura Ashley rattan bench......this spring cleaning could take some time!

The flagstoned Hall