Monday, 28 April 2014

Do you like Tapas?

Tapas on the terrace?

Charles ( who loves cooking!) is thinking of offering a limited Tapas menu to our guest at Ednovean Farm on a couple of nights a week - maybe on the dreaded Sunday evening when most of the restaurants close and Mondays which seems to be "chefs day off" in  a lot of places in Cornwall? We wondered would sitting on our garden terraces or tucked under the courtyard walls as they gently reflect back the heat of the daytime sunshine in the evenings be attractive? It s early days in the musings but do let us know if you would be interested.

I took this snap of Charles the other evening at the end of the day as we sat for ten minutes enjoying the last of the days sunshine and of course after a few minutes I got up to take a few snaps of the house settling down to sleep to share this morning!

The last sunshine shining into the Blue room

The Blue room's private terrace - perfect for Tapas?

I softened some of the walls with South African Daisies
this year

The entrance to the sundial garden that the Apricot room
looks down too

Gorgeous blue skies above the sundial garden the
other evening

and so goodnight to the garden where the echiums are ready to bloom

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