Thursday, 8 May 2014

We renovated a barn

Jessica in the old stable yard approaching what is
now the front door

Chatting to a friend the other day she said "why haven't you written anything about your renovation" and thinking about it you know, I haven't! So after sorting through some now vintage photos i shall begin!

I came to Ednovean as a teenager when it was badly overgrown with nettles and brambles with an old rusting car in the farmyard and boat engines stored in the old cow house. The back wall of the two story building had fallen in and the back wall had fallen out and we only discovered the big underground water tanks when my nephew bouncing on an old tyre as children do, started to sink into the ground. The debris was removed by the scrap men, the rubble from the roof was shovelled out through the hole in the wall and the range of buildings  were turned into loose boxes, a tack room and a feed house. And so it spent the next twenty years as a home to my horses and families of cats, giving lesson, breeding a few horses, taking liveries and eventually meeting my future husband Charles

Maizie brown, Jessica and Mumma Cat outside of  Shahra's stable that
has now become the Pink rooms bathroom

Sprocket the Rocket out of a home bred mare with
my future husband Charles In front of what is now
french doors into the guest sitting room

It was only when Charles proposed, that the idea of converting the barn into the home we have now, started to take shape and we started a long year of renovations on the main two story building in 1990 finally finishing in 1991 before getting married in the village church with a reception at the local Restaurant formerly known as "Bertie Woosters"

My favorite wedding snap - not the posh photographers one but
my Fathers, with two dear Aunts sadly no longer with us
In 1991 the barn become our home

We were very proud when we had windows!

The horses retreated to the top yard now the car park - how I loved
that sereis 2 Landrover

The cavernous interior

Charles spent many hours hacking out the
old pointing

Drains! a big day

The dumper truck became a permanent fixture for a year

As we settled down to life at Ednovean we put a little B&B sign on the end of the lane and waited for our first guests. We spent the next ten years getting as far a the Blue room working our way down through a second range of buildings before finally landscaping the gardens. It doesn't seem possible that we have been running our B&B at Ednovean Farm now for twenty three years and we've met some fascinating people over the years. We've hosted honeymoons and anniversary celebrations; birthdays and funeral guests: short breaks and long holidays and throughout it all Ednovean has purred like a happy animal in her new role as a house and home.