Monday, 12 May 2014

A walk around the garden here in #Cornwall

A newly mown lawn at Ednovean Farm

Well spring is creeping on, with hedgerows filled now with the vibrants spires of bluebells and froths of cow parsley and Danni keeps as strict eye on the swaying vegetation. He's always ready to seize the opportunity if we brush close to the hedgerows to craftily pick a choice bloom - he particularly favours the lime green ones but the dainty cow parley will do for a quick snack as they brush past at muzzle height. As all of West Cornwall turns into one verdant garden we have to work harder to guide our plot along an abstemious route with lawns that grow so vigorously the rabbits sit around looking bloated and just hop into the next part of the Italian Garden to avoid the mower. I thought it would be nice to share the gardens progress with you at the beginning of the month as it shapes up for Summer!

The main lawn fringed by sheltering Cordyline Australis 

looking along the length of the garden towards the Italian Garden

So far the lawn mower is holding up but it usually plans a rebellion at about this time of year and so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

I've softened the lines of the terrace that i lined with formal box balls with South African Daisies that sit near to the bank through the winter gales and brighten the early days of sitting out in the garden

I've grouped a line of box balls along the edge of the terrace

South African Daisies

The seps at the end of the Sundial garden lead around to my new route that looks down over the garden - I think planning journeys around the garden is quite important - particularly for a B&B when guest need to unwind and relax and get back in touch with just discovering what is around the next corner
Steps into the shelter belt pause on a tiny circular lawn

before winding back towards the main lawn

I'm hoping to add a few more Mediterranean style plants to this walk

Back through the lush vegetation to the echiums spires below

A granite cobbled path leads back to the courtyard

Spud guarding the courtyard from his vantage point
outside of the

And into the courtyards again

Early morning sunshine touching the courtyard gardens

Blue seas beyond in the bay

Gateway to the gardens

The sheltering garden walls

Boats laying off in the bay

There is apple blossom in our little orchard now but that is a walk for another day!!

Hope you have a great week back soon with more news of the garden and do look us up at :-