Thursday, 19 March 2009

A secret bench and Ollie

Well this morning a complicated system of codes have appeared on the sceen instead of my photo's but they seem to be photo's upon publishing so perhaps blogger's got a secret too!

Ollie this morning was enjoying one of his favourite corners of the Courtyard at Ednovean Farm, when Charles snapped him - surprisingly, our guest seldom find this granite bench, which is a shame as it enjoys an intimate, comfortable view down over the village with the sea behind it.

The box edged enclosure, tucked into the far side of the courtyard, was designed by Ian Lowe, as a viewing area for the garden and for Ollie that does just fine. A cat would need a good view out to sea and back to the house, for his morning ablutions after all!

Perhaps it wasn't quite fair to include the last photo as Ollie has over indulged this winter whilst waiting for the weather to improve and it is comforting to know that even a cat can have his bad side - perhaps I'll prop a copy up by his dish...........or maybe my own biscuit tin!