Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Olley the office Cat hard at work

Everybody needs an office assistant and I don't mean that rather annoying hyper active paper clip that infests the computer, bouncing gleefully at significant glitches and remaining enigmatic in the sight of complete failure.

Well, we have Olley, as chief supervisor, here at Ednovean Farm, a calm purring presences that remains unruffled throughout the worst computer crisis and is of course, completely unfazed by the dreaded words "programme failing to respond"

Olley has defined his key role in life, as general hospitality, organiser and of course calming presence. His main problem each day is to secure a pole position to watch - hmmmm....or should I say observe each activity. He is quite capable of shinning over the keyboard if ignored, enormous white paws wreaking havoc and completely without a sense of guilt, in pursuit of his aims or that uber comfortable cat bed, before at last, attempting to install himself on the flimsy printer shelf that sags and groans under the strain. So care must be taken to meet Olley's expectations at every turn or there will be consequences to pay.

I chose this box after much deliberation, at the local Cash and Carry, as the perfect computing bed for a cat. True I tossed up for some time between it and a Tate and Lyle box but the natty Hydro cool(led) won the day. Result one happy cat and I've just about finished this summers guest information, which is starting to approach the dimensions of War and Peace. Charles proof read it for me and pointed out I'd forgotten the Doctors number and where the washing line is though - so Olley will be here for a while yet.

And the Apricot room renovations? - perhaps tomorrow!

Very relaxing - the right spot