Friday, 3 April 2009

The Apricot room saga

Part of the new apricot en suite bathroom at Ednovean Farm - that's apparently a click clack waste!

It's been a hectic few day at Ednovean Farm and only hard work by my two plumbers, artisan joiner Paul and tiler Mike salvaged the situation. A planned renovation of the Apricot room had to be speeded up by a cracked loo. .........And when the loo came out, so did the pipe boxing and when the sink came out, so did the tiles.

When I got back from Penzance our gardener was leaning over a man hole in the lane grasping a walky talkie - not a good sign, although it is a long way from the bathroom to the stop cock. It proved quite a nifty system really, as my plumber said "it saved a lot of walking" The days plumbing job took a day and a half though, delaying the poor carpenter - by five o'clock the tiler arrived................ the plumber and carpenter reached a gentleman's agreement over control of the space and the tiling was rescheduled for the next evening.

I made my first trip to the dump with the redundant loo and basin and was told to put it in the skip over there pointing to a mammoth vessel about fifty yards away. OK I wasn't going to weaken surrounded by about twenty men - builders in mufti, persnickety householders and re cyclers. So i picked up the offending Loo, assuring myself they were thoroughly cleaned every day and staggered off to the skip. It was mercifully lower on one side and with only a mild medical condition resulting i heaved the *** think in. Returning the next day with a bed base in an effort to Feng sui my life a charming Young man opened the back door and carried it away - I must have just been unlucky!...............and I'd been planning how to get the thing from A to B all the time i was driving there.

Pauls new pipe boxing is a discreet work of art that has now blended seamlessly into the building

The tiles are Travetine

Mike of Stonemoor Tiling suggested an asymmetrical design to complement the position of the basin and correct the proportions

Mike suggested an offset design for the mosaic border to balance the asymmetric placement of the basin. Poor mike had to tile and grout all in one go to meet our schedule but by dint of my repainting the bathroom in the afternoon between people. all was prepared. By six o clock of the morning of the new guest arrival i crept along to take a look and start clearing away and by lunch time Charles was able to take these photos ( he did lots of cleaning too!) And when our German guest arrived all was sparkling serenely without a hint of the turmoil of the last forty eight hours

"Ah it is beautiful" the lady said........... Thank you everyone

Our Spanish Stallion Danilon he has his own blog for the rest of our time!

And the plumbers number is my secret!!