Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ednovean farm this evening

Wilbur getting nearer

Olley on "his" side of the courtyard


Returning to the house this evening we nearly walked passed Olley and Wilbur discreetly hanging out together in the Spring sunshine in the shelter of the courtyard. One day i think we'll find them sharing a seat but for now it is separate benches please. Wilbur is getting more confident by the day so i think there is hope we can temp him in!

Charles took these snaps of two of our brood mares dear old Lizzie and April who are Ladies in waiting for a big event - Dani our Spanish stallions first foal. By great persuasion we managed to temp them to look away from their tea and "watch the birdie"

Lizzie due to foal in May
Lizzies best friend April not due until July but expanding nicely - she tells me she will have the best foal ever!