Monday, 6 April 2009

The world in lime green

A flash of lime green tinges the Parterre at Ednovean Farm

I'll take the world in lime green today is not a thought that you would normally entertain. But today on what the Irish may describe as a soft morning, we were wrapped not by desultory enveloping rain but a soft veil of water which created an intense awakening of the garden. The vivid lime green that flushed the Parterre in the most vibrant hue, flowing over the symmetry of the shape in bursting optimism - giving a new flamboyance to the normally discreetly, restrained Box. Moving on around the courtyard the Loquat has suddenly burst into candle likenew foliage, freed from the constraint of winter, that somehow it survived.
The Loquat tha sits behind the little herb garden

Our guests who had all sat in the teak steamer chairs on the terrace to soak up the sun overlooking the bay yesterday, departed cheerfully for the Eden project with its ever reinvention, of artful mystery.

Poor Sooty probably didn't enjoy his outing today as much as yesterday, as he spooked and skittered around the village, the last vestiges of his winter coat sticking damply to the inside of his leather reins. As he arched his neck, ears tightly pricked at each new horror in his path. a crane! a sandwich wrapper! a car in a turpoline, all the same to Sootty as things that WEREN'T THERE YESTERDAY! I sometimes think he must have been a traffic warden or similar in a past life such is his attention to detail. And the air was soft and alive and the world was recast in lime green, today so I didn't mind the rain at all. And goodness I must go the sun has just broken through!
The vibrant green