Saturday, 18 April 2009

Apple blossom

The ancient crab apple tree on the village road

Every year I'm intrigued to see this old crab apple (I think!) spring into life each year lonely and forlorn or is it a determined survivor on the main village road out of Perranuthnoe - near the entrance to what is listed on some old maps as the Mining stamps ground. Did it grow from a core discarded by a miner all those years ago and how many years has it stood sentinel to the village half seen from the passing cars. But in the spring it has its fanfare triumphant as it approaches the season of new growth. later it will drop its apples into the road in a desultory fashion before slinking back into the hedgerow haft seen half not seen ,know by everyone but acknowledged by none, the very special old tree.

We planted some vintage apple trees bought from Trelewarren estate with strange names like Pigs Snout in the corner of a field here, where they have sulked quietly for a few years, bearing one then two apples that the birds all ways claim before us. We'd originally planned to keep the hens beneath them wasn't a success and the fox is very nice!

This years blossom looks quite promising though, so perhaps we may even get the odd apple all of our own - who knows. Perhaps in a hundred yeas time some one will look at a solitary old tree and wonder how it got there, just like the village Crab Apple tree!

The first apple blossom of the year for us - each tree has a slightly different flower form

Will this be the one that stays on through the centuries