Thursday, 23 April 2009

Three Distress ladies rehomed (statues!)

The first of Perranlady's three statues tucked beside a European fan palm - i have since added a bromiliad to her warm feet

Lady no two coquettish beside a phormium

Lady no three slipped between a euphorbia and agapanthus, framed by a cordyline above

The power of blogger found three lovely ladies re homed to Ednovean Farm's gravel border yesterday, after a call from Perranlady. The ladies travelled well, supine in the back of a golden car but were still visibly shaken by the site of the builder advancing towards them with a sledge was only a matter of time.

There old habitat was a more formal setting I think but they slipped seamlessly into the foliage of our gravel border without fuss, with only the black birds and the "bouncing bunnies" for company so should live out a peaceful retirement undisturbed by marauding builders far from the cement mixer and I defy any passing rabbit to as much as nibble them. At last the perfect rabbit proof addition to the garden - thank you Perranlady.