Monday, 27 April 2009

The Ednvoean Blue bells!

Blue bells at Ednovean Farm

This weekend could have been described as a tad damp to say the least with a vicious weather front sweeping across the country. Our guest soldiered manfully on though and apparently it was quite dry at the Lizard in the afternoon and the blue bells in the National Trust owned Godolphin woods were amazing. By Sunday, the clouds had started to break up and so I made a quick phone call to the change house at St Micheal's Mount for my guests and found that by catching the early 10.oo am boat they would be able to visit the Mount as it opened at 10.30 before catching the train back to London. What a lovely memory to pour over along with the Sunday papers as the train rattled through the countryside.

For us it was time for Sooty and Danni's Sunday outing as the first rays of sunshine gave only a ghostly impression of the warmth of the previous week, faltering and then gaining in strength upon our freshly watered world. Nature had made huge gains over the last twenty four hours though, the hedgerows now awash with blue bells in a gorgeous haze of Blue. From a horse it is always possible to see the secret forgotten places tucked unloved and forlorn, near villages where the the ferns and wild flowers grow under a tangle of branches, natures triumph of spring.

And so Charles visited the old mine heap between the fields again today and sure enough the blue bells had returned again for another year clothing the long abandoned industrial site with natures magic