Thursday, 16 April 2009

The evening light

The golden light of evening is always a bonus to the day and it is then, that we like to wander around the garden and revisit small projects and finds that have combined to make a whole of our world in the garden. The light will fall tantalisingly through the foliage from a new angle as the sun dips in the sky and lend and unexpected magic for an instant, to and object that i might pass every day without a glance.

This statue was one of my first purchases for the garden long ago, strangely enough from Rosudgeon car boot sale and I soon discovered I was weaker than I though, as I attempted to take my trophy home, but I built the little niche for her and for years no amount of yogurt or dung would encourage any sort of algae or lichen to soften her form but now with time, as you can see, she has slid effortlessly into the garden - almost caught by a camera lens tonight, frozen in time. I returned to the boot sale another time ,for the next niche in the bank but alas the guy had transferred his efforts to making squashed hedgehogs complete with Tyre tracks and they were selling very well too! - Ah well the statue and I have aged together I think, although I hope not to collect too much lichen as her just yet. ........And then the light changes and the sun slides away and my lady returns to the anonymous shadows at Ednovean Farm, and we wander on around the garden of memories.