Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The first bluebells at Ednovean Farm this year

I spotted the first Blue bells at Ednovean this morning

This morning as we led the brood mares out to their paddock before Breakfast I spotted the first Blue Bells in Ednoveran Lane - we are lucky here that the Spanish variety haven't crept in and we have the ancient strain.

The old mine shaft - Perranuthnoe can just be seen in the distance (click picture to enlarge to see the church)

The morning was bright and sharp this morning, after the weather front that swept through last night, so I excitedly dragged poor Charles and his camera up to the old capped mine shaft that lays between the fields higher up the farm - sure there would be a feast of Blue bells to find.................No! we were a bit too early I'm afraid although the sun sparkled through the still bare branches here picking the smooth trunks out of the trees that have formed a tiny spinney, under which is a foxes earth. At the summers end it is always a good spot to find the cubs playing, flirting through the hay field below, this once industrial site, reclaimed by nature, that was one part of the tunnel system of East Wheel Neptune marching across Perranuthnoe.

The bright green leaves of the newly erupted bluebells

Walking back across the field the May framed the sea beyond

The magic froth of white against the brilliant blue sky this morning

The tide was out exposing the causeway to the mount and you could almost touch Penzance and Newlyn across Mounts Bay

Look closely and you can just see our discarded Hen house that will be erected again one day beside the vintage varieties of Apple trees that I bought from Trelewarren Estate Plant centre. Haven't our foxes chosen the best location for their Earth - a narrow fox trail leads down the field, telling of their nightly patrols, now unsuplemented by the Ednovean hens - come to think of it the foxes are less trouble that the chickens!