Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lifes compensations

The Parterre at Ednovean Farm, under the floodlights on Monday evening

Sometimes life offers small compensations - The gloomy day yesterday, when the very sky seamed to weep, resolved into the first glimmers of the sunset, breaking through the weather front and then melted into the most balmy evening of the year. The warm evening, with the sea still stirring from the beach below and the magical ring of lights around Mounts Bay was somehow more special for my lack of expectations.

"............the warm sweet air of the night"

Certainly Olly, with the wisdom of a cat, had wrapped himself in his tail and settled down to sleep until the weather had improved on a cosy sofa in our sitting room. My course was planned however, my day was set -the Supermarket called for life's little essentials but even there, as I plodded damply back to the car, the sweet smell of the sea, just beyond the Penzance railway line was a reward for the senses.

The day wore on and Olley finally stirred as the sunset signalled that now to his sure feline instinct, was the time and Olley set out purposefully on his daily cat business of the dusk and we breathed the warm sweet air of the night.