Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tiling a floor

The shower room floor

Did she fall or was she pushed? That is the question!

Called upon to host a family gathering of twenty to thirty people I was overcome by shame at the appearance of our Shower room/Loo floor. Slapping the only private sign in the house on it and shutting the door quickly has served us well for years but the inevitable question was going to arise "Where is the Loo?" and as they say one is never enough.

Now I had a very nice stale floor, spotted at a bargain price and hoarded behind the horse's corn bin for many years - alright since the yer 2000 to be precise but you can't rush these things and somehow the guests maintenance always come first. But last Monday saw me frantically scanning the adds in the Local Cornishman newspaper to find a tiler - a kind tiler who would come at short notice. BINGO - I found Mike of Stonemoor Tiling and he kindly fitted me in on Thursday. By dint of laying flat on my stomach I was able to extricate the heavy boxes of tiles from behind the even heavier (and firmly jammed in corn bin) and aside from putting my back out a bit, I was on schedule for a new floor. The results are stunning, as Mike worked neatly and professionally over the next three days the floor magicaly took shape and he even completed the pipe boxing for me. He suggested this pavement design to lead on from the riven state floor of the hall - how he made this stunning floor from the mucky collection of tiles I provided is a mystery but I'm really grateful............and the answer to "Can I use the Loo?" is now a serene smile and "last door on the left!" Thanks Mike

Mike suggested an informal, pavement design, as more suitable to the spirit of the old building