Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ednovean Farm this spring

Please join me for a journey through the gardens at Ednovean farm this spring

The informal gardens

Naturalised Daffodils under the Olive trees

I've started the journey in the far reaches of the garden in a wilder naturalised area behind the Italian Garden. There, over the last few years, the spring bulbs have gently spread under the Olive trees with relaxed abandon, to make a delightful secret corner for my guest to discover as the explore the gardens. The grass will be left for some time until the daffodils have faded and then the area will be returned to lawn - hopefully just as the Irises come into flower there.

The quarried granite stone a focal point at the end of a serpentine walk

This lovely old stone is in fact a reclaimed gate post but makes a great focal point at the end of one of the walks that lead to the Olive trees.

A group of Cordylines and Phormiums at the edge of a lawn

One day I'll develop the path behind this urn that leads into our shelter belt - but not yet if I want to avoid divorce!

An "Avenue" of cordylines underplanted with daffodils

Leading to the Olive trees

The Mediteranean style border in the gravel garden

The sheltered gravel garden tucked beside the Italian Garden

Our gravel border to the inland side of the Italian garden is in complete contrast to the rest of the garden, relaxed and sheltered it is always a few degrees warmer than the rest of the garden. It has survived the coldest winter for a decade quite well although we did loose the Aoniums. I've placed solar lights in places here so that guest can wander in the twilight brushing against the rosemary as the go.

Returning to the Courtyard

The Date palms Phoenix Canarias in the Courtyard

After spending time in the informal gardens with their sudden expanses and enclosures the Courtyard gardens are another complete contrast. One photographer who visited the garden for Gardening news commented "I didn't really get the garden until I went our into the wilder areas and then came back into the courtyards"

The Parterre and Fountain

The higher terrace beside the House

The small formal herb garden beside the entrance path

And that was Ednovean Farm yesterday, scorched in places by the Winter but embracing the spring - see you soon!