Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Spring Daffodils

After months of promise, spring has definitely leapt into life, carpeting the garden with Daffodils, old friends that return each year. We've planted species varieties in the borders and mixed bags in swathes across the lawns. The example shown around the stone may not be the most abundant growth but here must be some very happy mice somewhere because I definitely remember planting two full bags around the lovely old granite stone. Never mind, today was blessed with the lightest whisper of a breeze and balmy sunshine into which the day crept and slunk, until St Micheal's Mount was only a hazy outline, shrouded in a mystery of the spring that has come at last to Cornwall.

".......the lightest whisper of a breeze and balmy sunshine"

Happy mice perhaps know the secret to "where are the rest of my bulbs?"

And tomorrow if the sun shines perhaps Charles will capture some more - daffodils that is not mice! And then I'll post them on here - witnesses of spring.