Monday, 30 March 2009

That Cushion thing

Window seat in the Apricot room

I can't exactly trace when the cushion affliction first occurred - that strange desire to possess samples of modern fabric designs and display them about my home. The trouble is, you see that whilst I enjoy collecting the plump decorations, I always fail to cull the rejected specimens, leading in some cases to cushion overload. Sitting down these days, can need some forward planning.

I'd spotted these gorgeous examples, on a trip to Next in search of the perfect loo brush - not those nasty plastic things on offer locally but something of good design - neat - slick........"You went to Hayle to Buy a loo Brush" Charles asked, slightly taken aback, as driving about is not really my thing in life - far too impatient to grip a steering wheel for hours on end...........but I digress. I had duly noted the fabrics on offer and returned again to acquire them, another stage in the Apricot rooms face lift for Summer in the spirit of 2009.

The Apricot room is in for another "treat" today the plumbers have just arrived to change the fittings -at the same time as the guys that are going to put up the back stable (that we got permission for last year). Every one arrived early of course so we gave the Plumbers and emergency Tea break until our weekend guest had departed. But it's nice and peaceful here in the office with Olley snoozing in his new box for his computer moments - he's snoozing nicely at the moment. Ah to be a Cat, as feet tramp passed busily to and through and the water has just been turned off.............I think I'll go and look!